Are you an Arrogant Bastard?

I hope so!  No, of course I don’t mean that I hope you are a fatherless, stuck-up, self-rightous snob.  What I do mean is I hope you are bold, fearless, and clear with your message as Arrogant Bastard Ale is with theirs.


Last week while having drinks with a friend, the waiter put down this beer coaster for Arrogant Bastard Ale.  It immediately caught my attention.  My first thought was, “Ha! That’s pretty funny…”  My second thought was, “Wow, Arrogant Bastard Ale is an in your face, make no apologies kind of brand.  I love it!”  So I took a picture of it and tucked the coaster in my purse as a keepsake reminder on powerful brand messaging.


Here’s a beer that stands for something and leaves no room for confusion or doubt.  It has a strong statement and brand personality that evokes a response.  Arrogant Bastard isn’t afraid of offending people.  In fact, it’s going out of it’s way to do just that!  They make their consumers feel awesome, and call everyone else wussies.


There’s a lesson here from Arrogant Bastard Ale – don’t play it safe.  It’s the biggest risk you can take, because when you try to appeal to everyone, you actually appeal to no one.  When you blend in, you’ll get lost in the crowd, and that’s not what you want in business.  You want to catch people’s attention and be memorable.


Imagine sitting at a bar, having drinks with your friends and the waiter throws down some coasters at your table.  One of them is for your business.  What would your business coaster say?  How would it stand up against a powerful message like Arrogant Bastard Ale?  If your coaster elicits a fun, provocative discussion amongst your table, you know you are on the right track!