Business Minimalism

In my household, we’ve been making changes towards zero waste living and minimalism. It’s been a challenging journey with lots of trial and error. Change is tough, but I can definitively say life is less stressful and a little more roomy from all our efforts.

Not surprisingly, the lifestyle changes has spilled over to our businesses. I’ve decluttered my office, use far less paper, and produce less waste. I have simplified my systems, have better digital organization, and clearer focus. As a result, running my business is more enjoyable and less stressful too.

Business Minimalism

Minimalism creates focus, clarity, and simplicity. It helps businesses with efficiency and profitability and entrepreneurs with less stress and more sanity. To adopt minimalism in your business, here are three key ingredients to help you on your journey:

  1. Clear priorities: Before you can make smart decisions in your business about what stays, goes, and/or gets redesigned, you must know your priorities. What do you enjoy most about your business? What are your most profitable products and services and who are your best customers? Use your priorities as guide-posts for your journey towards business minimalism.
  2. Simple systems: Foster a company culture that challenges the status quo. Continually ask question such as, how can we simplify this? Is this necessary? Are there tools available to automate?
  3. Declutter: Business clutter shows up as unnecessary meetings, email, junk mail, piles of paper, books, someday projects, old marketing collateral, tools that you don’t really use, too many applications, offerings and pricing structures, ideas and so on. Declutter this “stuff” to open up physical, digital and mental space.

Business minimalism a mindset and an on-going journey. There are no rules here – no right way or wrong way to simplify and declutter your business. Start with your desktop (physical or digital), a drawer, or your calendar. As you declutter, you’ll  start to feel more peace of mind and energy.