Do this before the year’s end

From the global pandemic to murder hornets, 2020 has certainly brought it this year. We’re going to need some pretty grand fireworks to close this crazy year out.

But, even amongst all the catastrophic events of 2020, I’ve had some great wins to be grateful for. And, I’m sure you’ve had a few as well.

All of these wins, alongside the challenges, have a place in the closing ceremonies for the year.

While it may be tempting to jump headfirst into the New Year, taking some time to honor and close 2020 properly will not only give you closure, you’ll no doubt mine a gem or two to bring into 2021.

The Significance of the Closing Ceremonies

Closing ceremonies are a lost art. However, they are a time-honored tradition to help deepen experiences and the sense of completion.

It gives you a chance to acknowledge and remember what you survived, your accomplishments, the lessons learned, where you thrived and how far you’ve come in a short span of time.

It also allows you to release (and not bury) all the negative stuff from the year – the trials and tribulations, feelings of guilt, shame, failure, and resentments, the critical self-judgments, etc.

The closing ceremony is the moment to celebrate it all – everything you’ve become and everything you’re letting go.

The Closing Ceremonies

Here’s what I like to do for my yearly closing ceremony. Yours may look completely different and that’s great! I share this with you to get your creative juices flowing for ideas.

  1. Update my wall of family photos with pics from the year
  2. Mindmap all my wins from the year on an art pad
  3. Journal on all the lessons learned
  4. Write out everything I want to let go of
  5. Eat good food

Here are some other ideas you may want to include in your closing ceremony:

  1. Create a gratitude tree to write out everything you’re grateful for from the year
  2. Write out and burn your grievances from the year
  3. Create an annual photo album
  4. Recite a song, poem, or closing words
  5. Declutter your home

The key is to make it fun. It’s a celebration after all. I’m willing to bet you’ll feel lighter and more confident going into the New Year when you take the time to reflect, let go, and celebrate with a meaningful closing ceremony.