Making space for 2021

We made it! It’s the last days of 2020.

Welcome, 2021! It’s time for a happy dance!

Call me a nerd, but I love nothing more than decluttering to welcome in a fresh start – especially for my business.

Decluttering and simplifying opens space for new and exciting opportunities to come your way. It also often has the beautiful side effect of saving you time, energy, and sanity.

Sounds pretty great, right? To help you get started, here are a few ways you can declutter and simplify your business.

Declutter and simplify the business model:

  1. Simplify your many offerings to your most profitable
  2. Consolidate your many payment options
  3. Consolidate your many software platforms to streamline systems
  4. Simplify your marketing channels to your top performers
  5. Eliminate any subscriptions/expenses you no longer need
  6. Identify the essential initiatives/projects and eliminate the rest
  7. Simplify complicated and cumbersome systems

Declutter and simplify the ‘stuff’:

  1. Declutter the physical stuff in your office
  2. Empty out your physical inbox
  3. Clear out your email
  4. Declutter your phone – pics/voicemails/apps
  5. Clear off your physical and digital desktop
  6. Clean out your cloud storage: Google Docs/DropBox/iCloud/etc.

This may be an overwhelming list at first, but remember the objective isn’t to get to all of these at once. Rather, this list is to give you some ideas of where you’d like to start.

Just choose one could use some streamlining and start there. I promise you’ll still experience all the wonderful benefits of decluttering and simplifying.