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Thank you, Chieko for being my coach! Before working with you I had a lot of ideas for expanding my business, but I had much difficulty implementing them, as I was so caught up in the day to day tasks of getting the work done. Week after week went by, and here and there I would implement something – but struggled to balance working in the business and working on the business. The structure, support and guidance you’ve provided has made all the difference in the world! As I look back over the last 6 months of working with you, I am astounded at all of the ideas I’ve been able to put into practice in the realm of marketing, systemizing the work, time management and overall leadership! Thank you thank you thank you! "
- Tristan Heberlein, President, Solstice Landscapes Northwest, Inc. Seattle, WA

Chieko helped me redefine my passions and find direction, which has made my lifelong dream of starting my own business a reality. "
- Jessi Dresen, O2 Program Seattle, WA

With Chieko’s expertise and business background, I was able to move from private contractor to owner of my own business in less than 5 months after our first meeting! WOW! I had reached my goal in half the time – I could not have done it without her skilled motivational abilities and expertise – period! "
- Joseph Bielling, Massage Therapist, West Seattle Wellness Seattle, WA

Chieko helped me become more effective in my personal and professional life… She helped me turn my goals into action items that fostered deeper relationships with my family, more time for myself and greater business success for my startup company at a faster pace that I could have achieved without her. She provided new ways of thinking about obstacles that allowed more capacity for delegation and more enriching experiences for myself, my family and for my staff. "
- Jennifer Olsen, Principal/Owner of Resourceful HR, LLC Seattle, WA


Chieko’s analogies are great! They make the point and really helped me to SEE it and remember it. Geese, trains, and miso will mean so much more to me now. "
- Leslie, Workshop Participant

Great event! I found the ideas you presented to be very helpful. I’ve immediately implemented them and they work great. Thank you! "
- Jasmine, Workshop Participant

Chieko has a great way of pulling a group together – there was excellent participation, which always makes it feel more comfortable for learning. Chieko gave us practical skills to take away, and offered further opportunities for help. "
- Joy, Workshop Participant