Why Does This Keep Happening?

Two steps forward, one step back.  Two steps forward, two steps back.  Two steps forward, one step to the side and kick!


No, this is not the latest dance craze.  The kick at then end is out of sheer frustration!  It’s sometimes how it feels when trying to slay those gremlins in your mind that we call limiting beliefs.  You know the ones – “I don’t know if I’m cut out for this,” and “What if I fail miserably?” and “I’m not good enough.”  Your gremlins might say something different, but we’ve all got a few and they get in the way of growing your business.


We all have days when the stars are aligning for just for us and it feels like that rush when you catch the perfect wave that effortlessly carries you all the way to the beach.  Marketing is easy, customers and clients are coming in droves, and the money keeps flowing.  And then there are the other days… the days, sometimes even weeks that feel like you’re chasing your own tail and your making little progress.  The gremlins have taken over the show and you feel frustrated, angry, and maybe even a bit desperate.


The thing is, you’ve probably been here before.  You’ve done affirmations, gone to therapy, read self-help books, taken seminars and thought you’ve tamed those gremlins once and for all!  Yet, somehow those sneaky monsters have found their way back, and you scream to yourself, “Why does this keep happening to me?!?”


Give yourself a break.  If this limiting belief has been with you for the past 30+ years, it’s not about to go away over night.  You probably picked up these limiting beliefs somewhere in your early childhood and they have taken deep roots.  The good news is, with time and effort you CAN shift beliefs.  Keep doing all those things you are already doing – read books, take classes, do the affirmations.


Also, try this powerful tool:  keep a notepad where you write down all the supporting evidence of your empowering, replacement belief.


If your old belief is, “I’m new and don’t’ have much experience,” your empowering, replacement belief could be, “I’m educated, trained, and have professional and life experience to bring to the table.”


Your supporting evidence might include things like the following:


  • Graduated at the top of my class
  • Interned for 6 months at Company ABC
  • Proven success with Client Rick and Trisha who rave about me
  • Publsihed articles on-line
  • Have loyal blog audience


You get the idea – look, search, and keep digging for the evidence.  And when you’re done, look again!  Write something down each day.  This is an on-going process that will allow your new, empowering belief to take up deep roots and push out your old ones.