Your Happiness Code

What makes you happy? Off the top of my head, I’d say good food, cats, and sunny beaches. Superficially and for the short-run, it’s very true!

But, what really makes you happy and feel fulfilled in your life and business? We’re not talking about the immediate gratification of eating a pint of ice cream or a sipping fruity cocktails in the Bahamas. It’s also different from relief – such as no longer having to do chores or paying off the credit card. Neither are long-lasting in terms of true happiness.

We tend to look at a lot of places outside of us for happiness. Everything from your body and bank account sizes to the latest gadgets and apps. 

Media and society bombard us with messages every day about the next thing that will make us happy. It’s no wonder we get confused and even led astray.

The answer to what makes you happy and fulfilled in your business and your life can only be answered by you. YOU have the code to unlock it, and it’s hidden in your core values.

Core Values

Your Core Values are the top most important things (or values) in your life. They are unique to you, like a fingerprint.

When you are out of alignment of your core values, meaning you’re not living by them fully, it can feel like something is just a bit off (or maybe even way off). 

For example, if beauty is important to you, but your wallet is worn and ugly, your choices are out of alignment with your values. However, if thriftiness is your core value, you’ll be delighted!

Health is a value most people will say they have. Yet, they don’t often choose healthy foods, get regular exercise, have (or provide) good health coverage or generally take good care of their well-being. 

If trust is a core value for you and you have someone close to you whom you don’t fully trust, or you behave in ways that break trust, you’ll likely be miserable.

Align with Your Top Five

The best way to align with your core values is to first know what they are. You can download my free core values worksheet HERE

Once you have your Top Five, give yourself a rating on a scale of one to five on how fully you are living each core value. If you fall a little short on a one or two, brainstorm ways you can increase your score and take action! 

I encourage you to go through this exercise twice – once for you and once for your business. Your company has core values too!

As you align more deeply to your core values, you’ll be on your way to a happier, more fulfilling business and life.