Jumping Off Cliffs

I once went cliff jumping with some friends in Eastern Washington into glacial river waters. It was years ago, so I’m sure the height of the jump has grown in my mind like a big fish story.

As I peered over the cliff down to the dark river pool, I felt the fear in my knees and throat. Thankfully, my BFF was with me and I had to steal some courage from her. Without much thought, I took her hand and we started running toward the cliff’s edge and leapt into the air!

I’m not an adrenaline junkie, but while standing on the cliff, I instinctively knew that if I contemplated this jump too long, I would chicken out. I definitely felt the fear.

The truth is, I didn’t overcome it. I simply jumped before my resistance could take hold.

Had I thought about it too long, resistance would have found me. I would have been caught up in analysis paralysis, trying to negotiate with fear.

Procrastination and Fear

It’s cliff jumping, so it’s supposed to be scary. And when you are doing some things scary, you feel fear. That’s what’s suppose to happen.

It’s not that different than when you find yourself trapped in procrastination, perfectionism or analysis paralysis. You’re in a state of overwhelm. And, underneath the feelings of overwhelm is fear.

The good news is, fear is perfectly normal when you’re doing something new or challenging. It’s the resistance to the fear that traps you. Instead of accepting the fear and jumping off the cliff, you end up standing on the edge looking down forever, trying hard to feel better about it.

Remember, when you’re putting yourself out there for a new challenge, it’s supposed to be scary.

Don’t resist the fear.

The resistance will waste your time and energy.

It’s okay that you feel overwhelmed. It’s okay that you feel fear. Don’t overthink it – just jump!