The Power Hour

Remember the power hour? No, not the drinking game. The productivity game. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

The productivity power hour is one hour each day, first thing in the morning, where you get to work on your number one priority project.

The Warm-up

Before jumping into an intense workout, fitness experts will tell you it’s important to warm-up the body. The same goes for your workday. After a long slumber, it’s great to warm-up your mind to get into work-mode.

I see a lot of people start their day with email, news, and social media. While this may feel like a good, productive warm-up for your brain (and it’s incredibly tempting), please, don’t do it.

Here’s why – email, news, and social media pull your attention to other people’s priorities.

Instead, prime your mind more intentionally. Start with affirmations or by reading a business or personal development book to get your mindset right.

Personally, I like to meditate to help focus my mind and set my intention for the day.

Your warm-up doesn’t need to take long – even just 10 minutes can help set a positive mindset and get your brain juices flowing.

The Power Hour

The most important factor of the power hour is that it’s yours. This is NOT the time to work on email or client projects. This is your time to focus on your number one priority project to move your business forward.

The truth is, you often don’t know what the day holds. After nine o’clock, the phone starts to ring, emails start coming in, and you find yourself in the land of interruptions and the unexpected.

By the end of the day, you wonder what’s happened and another day has gone by where you didn’t have time to work on your priority project.

When you begin with the power hour, however, you’re embodying your priority simply by starting with the most important task of the day. You get it done before the day has really begun.

Now, no matter what the day throws at you, it’s okay because you’ve already accomplished your priority. Bring it on, day!

One Hour a Day

Just one power hour a day is five hours a week, 20+ hours a month. That’s a lot of power time for your priority project. Imagine what you could get done within that time!

Do you have a book you’re trying to write, a business plan your working on, or a podcast you’d like to start but never seem to find the time for?

Or, perhaps you have business projects such as putting together a training for your team, or creating a new marketing strategy?

Whatever your number one priority is, this time is for you. Make it a priority. Get it done first thing before the day even begins.

You’ll start your day feeling accomplished. How awesome is that?