Getting Back on Track

There are lots of situations where life throws you off course – everything from an extended vacation to unexpected emergencies. Sometimes, you’ll simply lose momentum or focus and wander off course by your own doing.

Perhaps you’ve fallen off your morning routine, your daily exercise, or eating healthy. It could be working on your goals every day in your business and meeting your numbers.

No matter the cause, it can be tough to get back on the bandwagon. Not only that, falling off in the first place can create a downward spiral of self-blame, shame, and criticism.

What if there were an easier, faster way to get back on track? Yes, falling off course is something you can anticipate because it happens to everyone at some point. But now you have an efficient and effective system of picking yourself up and getting back in the game.

The minute you notice your off course, you can reset with three simple steps.

Get Back on Track

  1. Conduct a post-mortem. Before jumping back in, take a moment to figure out what went wrong. Be careful not to go into self-blame. The purpose is to avoid the same pitfall in the future and figure out a better strategy that works for you.

    Example: I didn’t allow enough re-integration time after my vacation. Next time, I’ll plan for an extra day to get reacclimated and get caught-up before heading back to work.

  1. Revisit your priorities and recommit. Do a check-in with your top priorities. Remind yourself why these are so important to you and what’s at stake, both good and bad.

    Make a promise to yourself to prioritize these in your life and business.

  2. Reset goals and adjust strategy. You may just need to revisit the goals you already have, but personally, I like to start from scratch. The goal setting process helps me think through my commitment and create a better strategy.

I like to think of a reset as a fresh start – a clean slate. And, the good news is you can run these three steps as often as you need it.

“Fall seven times, get up eight.” ~ Japanese Proverb