Themes for the days of the week

Taco Tuesdays, Wednesday Hump Day, Throwback Thursday… We love themes! Assigning themes for the days of the week in your business and life is a simple way to create a little structure and boost productivity. While it may seem counterintuitive, having some structure simplifies decision making and actually creates more freedom.

Week Day Themes

There are so many great ways to use themes and bring simplicity to planning. When creating themes for the days of the week, include your team and family members to ensure everyone is on the same page. Get creative, but also keep it simple. Below are some examples.

Themes in business:

  • Money Monday: If you have a tendency to put off your bookkeeping or planning your cashflow, set up time on Money Monday to get it done.
  • Meeting Monday: Many of my clients use Mondays to meet with their teams to plan and discuss the upcoming week.
  • Writing Wednesday: It’s a challenge to carve out focused time to write. By having dedicated time on Wednesdays, I no longer feel guilty about not making it a priority – it’s built right into my schedule.
  • Networking Thursday: Every Thursday morning, I attend a business networking meeting. Since I’m dressed-up and in the frame of mind, I schedule all other networking meetings on the same day.
  • Other ideas: work from home day, no meeting day, team lunch day, client appreciation day.

Marketing and social media themes:

  • Create themes such as Motivation Monday, Tip Tuesday, Wisdom Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Funny Friday for your social media posts.

Themes at the home-front:

  • Laundry Tuesday: I do all the laundry on once a week on Tuesdays. It’s planned into my schedule and I never have to figure out when I’m going get around to it and no one runs out of clean socks.
  • No-work & food-prep Sunday: As entrepreneurs, work can creep into all hours of the day and into the weekend. So we designated Sundays to no work, and we prep lunches and dinners for the week, saving us lots of time and stress throughout the week. For more on planning for meals using themes, check out Kristin Marr’s post on her blog Live Simply.
  • Other ideas: kids activities schedule, date night, housekeeping schedule, various projects

Tip: Start with just one theme. Stay with it until it becomes ingrained into your day-to-day life and it’s a habit, before adding a second theme. You’ll be more successful in sticking with it for the long haul.