Think Once a Day

My best friend has a wall hanging that says, “Think less, do more.”

When I first saw it, I thought, “Omg, yes. That’s exactly what I need to do,” and actually felt relief!

Overthinking and over analyzing is often at the root of my procrastination. I’m afraid to make the wrong decision, so I just ruminate, mulling things over and over, waiting for eureka to strike.

Also known as analysis paralysis, it’s a self-created trap of indecision. My former coach often said, “Indecision is self-abuse.” Amen, sister.

That’s why the wisdom of my best friend’s wall hanging brought me relief. The idea of “Think less, do more,” was liberating me from my own self-abusive ways of indecision. To me this meant, decide once, quickly and firmly, and then move into action despite any niggly feelings of fear and uncertainty.

How to only think once a day

How many times a day do you figure out what you need to work on next? Should you get back to Susan? Have some lunch? Oh, but wait, you need to finish writing the proposal due on Friday…

The Think Once a Day tool will help eliminate all the angst of figuring things out and feeling overwhelmed throughout your day.

Think Once a Day is about putting on your decision-maker hat ONCE. As the decision-maker, you’ll set your priorities for the day and plan the work. You’ll determine what needs to get done and what must wait for another day, get delegated, or deleted. 

Then, you take off the decision-maker hat and hang it up. You’ll now put on your worker bee hat and move into action for the remainder of the day. It’s the worker bee’s job to work the plan.

The trick to making this work is not to do the hat dance. Once you’ve hung up the decision-maker hat, don’t let the worker bee renege on those decisions! Going back and forth drains your energy and slows your productivity.

It’s not the worker bee’s job to question the priorities or urgency of tasks. It’s not the worker bee’s job to ask, “Can’t we do this tomorrow?” The worker bee’s only job is the work the plan.

If you suffer from indecision, this strategy is for you. It’ll take some effort and practice at first, but you’ll see your productivity skyrocket and feel the relief from thinking less and doing more.