Your Time Wasters

“I don’t have time.” It’s one of the most rampant excuses for not doing something that’s important. I loathe this statement as it’s disempowering. It makes you a victim to limited time. It’s a mindset of lack.

The truth is, we all have 168 hours a week. Next time you choose not to make time for something, try this on for size.

“It’s not a priority.”

It feels different right? With this statement, you’ve decided this thing (whatever it is) isn’t important enough right now to make room for it in your life – and that’s okay.

Kill the Time Wasters

We all have time wasters in our lives. Stuff like TV, Netflix, movies, social media, games, and so on. Sometimes our timewasters look like procrastination, perfectionism, and analysis paralysis.

But, time is personal. Personally, I rarely watch TV, but I do hang out on Instagram. You might be the complete opposite. How you spend your time is a personal choice – and I won’t ever tell you not to do something you enjoy.

So, instead of me telling you what your time wasters are, ask yourself, because you are the expert of you. “Where do I waste a lot of time?”

Be honest. Be brutal. Do you watch way more Netflix than you should? Do you workout for 2 hours when you only really need 30 minutes?

Cutting back on where you overindulge is a quick and easy way to free up time for more important things.

Other times, it may take more effort up front, but worth it in the end. I’ve had clients change their work situation to cut out long commutes, hire support staff such as cleaners and assistants, and even change their kids’ schedules to free up time after doing this simple exercise.

Opportunity Cost

It’s not an easy decision to change the way you spend your time. So, why change it? Because everything has an opportunity cost. Every extra minute you spend perfecting your email response, it takes away from something else important. The 30 extra minutes you spend on social media could be reinvested into writing your next campaign.

Take Back Your Time

Your time is yours. So don’t give it up too easily to things that are meh, or even okay. Spend your time wisely on things that give you the highest return on investment in productivity, fulfillment, health, money, connection and so on.

Start now. Identify your top three time wasters. Start with the no-brainers. Make big changes if it’s right for you. You have no time to lose.

Be Unstoppable,