Simplicity Mindset and Tools

I love tools that make getting things done easier. By simplifying processes, it frees up your brain space, time, and energy. As with anything, simplicity is first a mindset. But, there are many great tools that can help keep things quick and easy. Here are just a few of my favorites:

In business:
  1. A scanner. Not just any scanner, but a fast, easy to use scanner with great software for organizing documents, receipts, and business cards. It saves me from paper piles in my office and by using the search function, I can find what I need in a snap.
  2. A digital notebook. I used to carry around a lot of physical notebooks before going digital. Digital notebooks function exactly like physical ones, but you can also include checklists, clickable links, tables, images, and so on. It’s a great place to keep notes for projects, meetings, conferences, etc.
  3. Automated payment plans. I love being able to offer my clients payment plans for coaching packages. But, I loathe having to chase down payments. Setting up automated payment plans through my merchant services makes it a cinch.
At home:
  1. Digital family calendar. This is a critical tool for any family with multiple busy schedules. We use it to track vacation schedules, kids’ schedules, special events, and so on. It’s nearly eliminated double booking and forgotten appointments (I say nearly because it’s only good as the users).
  2. Financial calendar. In our household, almost all our bills are automated. But, we track our auto-recurring bills in a digital financial calendar so we’re not surprised by them – especially those recurring annual renewal fees such as car tabs, membership fees, and so on.
  3. Meal planning + prep. No one likes to figure out dinner when they’re tired and hangry. By having a plan and some food prepped, you eliminate decision making, simplify getting the meal ready, and chance are, you’ll eat healthier too.

Give these tools a try to simplify your business and life. As I mentioned, simplicity is a mindset. It’s about always asking yourself, “How important is this? Can it be eliminated? How can I automate it? How can I make it easy?”

Discover New Simplicity

Anytime you feel like you’re struggling to get through tasks or doing the same thing over and over, ask yourself the questions above. You’ll soon be simplifying every area of your business and life.