Freedom in Habits

How would you like a box full of freedom to show up at your door?

Freedom is my #1 core value. I’ve always sought freedom – first as a rebellious teen to be free from my parents, then as a young adult to escape the rat-race, and now I seek the freedom to be true to who I am, to own my time and choose my own goals.

It’s a momentous task to pursue this type of freedom. It takes a lot of personal growth, hard work and discipline to earn freedom. Ironic, right?

Where Freedom Hides

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, the secret to more freedom in your life is hidden in the discipline of habits.

Let’s take a look at some quick examples:

  • Diligent budgeting, saving and investing are important habits to achieve financial freedom.
  • Eating well and consistent exercise is crucial to maximize your physical freedom.
  • Daily meditation and strong mental hygiene will support your emotional freedom.

It makes sense, right? The freedom I see most of my entrepreneurial clients desire is more time – and it’s no exception. Let me share with you the #1 habit that supports freedom of time:

Plan your work time in detail and follow through.

  1. Prioritize your tasks.
  2. Give each task a time limit and schedule it into your calendar.
  3. Follow your calendar like your freedom depends on it – because it does.

That’s it! It seems so simple, I know.

But, people are often sloppy with scheduling their work and completing it on time. They don’t treat their work time with the same respect and focus as they would a client meeting. Soon, the week is up and they haven’t gotten their work done. They end up catching up on weekends and evenings, cutting into their personal and family time. Yuck.

It’s time to raise the bar on your work time. Implement and practice the habit of planning your work time in detail and following through. Remember, your freedom depends on it.